Star Wars: Smuggler’s Run – Book Review

Smuggler’s Run sees an older Han Solo recounting a story from his past. Han’s story is about a mission he and Chewbacca were sent on by Leia and the Rebellion in order to find Rebel spy Ematt who has been stranded on the planet Cyrkon.

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Star Wars: Ahsoka – Book Review

Ahsoka Tano was introduced to the Star Wars Universe in 2008 where she instantly became one of the shows most popular characters, defying all expectations and becoming a voice for fans across the globe. The Togrutan went from being the padawan of Anakin Skywalker to leaving the Jedi order and renouncing her ties to the order in order to follow her own path after becoming … Continue reading Star Wars: Ahsoka – Book Review

Star Wars: Aftermath – Book Review

Aftermath is the first in Chuck Wendig’s Star Wars trilogy, and takes place after the events of Return of the Jedi.  The story begins in Coruscant as people gather to pull down the statue of Emperor Palpatine, the man responsible for enslaving the galaxy who had recently been killed during the Battle of Endor.

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Star Wars: Bloodline – Book Review

Bloodline is one of the many books released to accompany The Force Awakens in 2015 and is set nearly 25 years after the defeat of the Empire.  The book is without a doubt a combination of a political and action/adventure story with Leia at the centre of it all.

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Star Wars: Phasma – Book Review

One of the main criticisms of The Force Awakens when it was released in 2015 was the lack of Captain Phasma, despite being one of the main characters heavily used to market the film. If Delilah S. Dawson’s book Phasma is anything to go off, fans will want to see as much of the character as they possibly can in the foreseeable future. Continue reading “Star Wars: Phasma – Book Review”

Star Wars: Last Shot – Book Review

2018 is definitely a year to celebrate characters like Han Solo, Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca. With Solo: A Star Wars Story being released in May, as well as a flurry of books/comics to accommodate the film, the stories of our favourite smugglers continue with the release of Star Wars: Last Show by Daniel Jose Older.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story (Expanded Edition) – Book Review

Writing a review for a book of a film can always be difficult as it’s hard to establish whether you’re actually reviewing the content of the book, or the film itself. The good thing about the expanded editions is that readers get an insight into more than what is shown in the films, whether it’s deleted scenes or extended conversations from the movie.

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Star Wars: Most Wanted – Book Review

Set before the events of SOLO: A Star Wars Story, readers are introduced to the infamous lives of the White Worms, the sewer dwelling criminals that owe their lives to Lady Proxima.


Han and Qi’ra are scumrats living in the Corellian sewers, working for Grindalid crime lord Lady Proxima. The pair have been tasked with two separate missions by Lady Proxima which could result in either of them being given the role of Head of the White Worms, Lady Proxima’s gang.

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Star Wars: Cobalt Squadron – Book Review.

Cobalt Squadron is a short YA novel that details a mission undertaken by the Resistance that ends up concurring with the First Order’s attack on the Hosnian System. The squadron end up following Vice Admiral Holdo as she assists the evacuation of D’Qar, the resistance base being destroyed at the start of The Last Jedi.

Although the book is short, readers get a more in depth insight to the relationship between the Tico sisters, Rose and Paige. It covers their backstory and how the ended up joining the resistance as well as how they were separated for the first time ever flying on separate ships during the events of The Last Jedi.

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Tim Lebbon Interview- Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi Into the Void.

In a recent interview, I managed to catch up with Tim Lebbon, the author behind Dawn of the Jedi: Enter the Void.

Primarily a Horror and Dark Fantasy author, in 2013 Tim was brought in to write a novel for the biggest franchise in the world and I was lucky enough to ask him a few questions about his time writing the book.

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Joe Schreiber Interview: Author of Star Wars: Maul Lockdown and Death Troopers.

Horror in Star Wars is very minimal, but Joe Schreiber is a name that will always be known for connecting the two. His two books, ‘Maul: Lockdown’ & ‘Death Troopers’ certainly bring horror tails to the Star Wars franchise and I think it’s something that we should be seeing more of in the Star Wars novelisations. I was lucky enough to ask Joe a few questions with regards to the book and here’s what he had to say.
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Kevin J. Anderson Interview: Author of Over 20 Star Wars books.

I recently spoke to author Kevin J. Anderson about some of his work with regards to Star Wars. Kevin’s catalogue of Star Wars books is huge and contains some of my all-time favourite stories, so I decided to ask him a few questions about them.

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John Jackson Miller Interview – The Author Behind ‘Kenobi’ ‘Knight Errant’ & ‘A New Dawn’.

I recently caught up with John Jackson Miller to talk about one of my favourite books from the Star Wars franchise, ‘Kenobi’ as well as the differences between writing for prose novels in comparison to comics. Here’s what he had to say.
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Steven Barnes Interview: Author of Star Wars- The Cestus Deception.

Recently I was very fortunate enough to interview science fiction author Steven Barnes. Steven has been writing for over 30 years and during that time he has written two Star Wars novels, ‘The Cestus Deception’ and ‘The Hive’. I wanted to ask him a few questions about ‘The Cestus Deception’ and here’s what I got.

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