Star Wars Battlefront: Twilight Company – Book Review

Twilight Company focuses on a few low rank Rebel soldiers fighting in the backgrounds of the interstellar conflict throughout the galaxy. The novel by Alexander Freed is an enjoyable story filled to the brim with adventure and drama.

The book is at its best when it’s following protagonist Sergeant Namir on his transformation from journeyman mercenary to rebel leader. Namir feels very three dimensional without sinking into the self-indulgence that could have quite possibly drained the life from this tale.

Sharing the spotlight with Namir is Everi Chalis, a former Imperial governor-turned-defector whose insight into Imperial logistics offers Twilight a chance at changing the course of the galactic civil war. Chalis is more of a mysterious character in comparison to Namir, and the novel does a really good job of keeping readers guessing who Chalis’ allegiances truly side with.

The story features cameos from some familiar faces like Darth Vader and Nien Nunb as well as a possible appearance from Han Solo himself in Echo Base. Over the course of this tale, readers are presented with space battles, ship-to-ship boarding actions, ground combat on Hoth, several planetary invasions, and a siege. These mission sequences are where Twilight really shines, and Freed gives readers a birds-eye view of personal combat in the Star Wars galaxy.

Twilight Company is a well rounded adventure novel with a likeable cast of characters and enough twists, and turns within the script to keep readers engaged for the entire duration of this story.

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