Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: Black Spire – Book Review

Galaxy’s Edge: Black Spire explores the state of the Resistance after the events of The Last Jedi whilst also shining a light on even darker sides to The First Order. Delilah S. Dawson does what she does best with Black Spire: creating characters and a story that almost makes you forget Batuu is now a “real” place.

The main character in the story is none other than Vi Moradi, the Resistance spy first introduced in Dawson’s first novel ‘Phasma’. She has recently escaped being captured by the First Order as seen in ‘Phasma’, General Leia Organa has been tasked with travelling to Batuu in order to set up a secret base for The Resistance.

Working alongside Vi is Archex, formerly known as Captain Cardinal of the First Order; the pair have been forced to work together to in order to familiarise themselves with Black Spire Outpost and those who live there. After the pair crash land on the planet, and then wake up to find all of their supplies stolen, the pair will have to set aside their differences if they are to re-supply and provide any hope to strengthening the Resistance.

Vi has just been tortured nearly to death at the hands of Archex. Archex recently faced his own near-death experience and which resulted in him defecting from the First Order only to realise he had been brainwashed into remaining loyal to it in the first place.

By focusing on the trauma both Vi and Archex have experienced, it allows Dawson to show two things, the first being the true means of brutality by The First Order, but on the other hand, what it means to be a hero, finding the strength in yourself but also in others to stand up against the evil in the world despite the shadows of your past.

In Dawson’s novel, practically everyone has experienced trauma in one way or another, but the story does a great job of highlighting the fact that it’s not about what you’ve experienced, but how you use those experiences to shape your future.

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