Star Wars – Rose Tico: Resistance Fighter – Book Review

‘As an engineer in Cobalt Squadron, Rose Tico invents life-saving solutions that protect her colleagues, and she eventually finds herself on the frontline of the war serving General Organa and the Resistance. This captivating book is told in a journalistic style from the writings of Rose herself and features all new artwork and full-page foldouts of ship schematics and more. Gear up and join Rose on her journey to becoming a determined member of the Resistance.’ – Publisher’s Summary.

Jason Fry has crafted another great book that offers a deeper look into the backstory of Rose Tico, further developing on what was seen during ‘The Last Jedi’. In more ways than one, this book elevates the source material and provides fans with even more reasons to love Rose Tico, the Resistance fighter.

The story is set in journal format, as if Rose was writing her own personal diary delving in to topics like her family, her sister Paige in particular and the death of her parents by the First Order; her reasoning behind joining the Resistance and also Finn and how she is conflicted about him.

The visuals are stunning, especially the schematic maps and blueprints that pull out in oversized pages. The style of the visuals work extremely well with the fact that Rose is, after all, an engineer.

Rose Tico’s character is fleshed out nicely throughout this book and it’s great to see the inner thoughts of a character like herself as she adds a refreshing perspective on excess, greed and honouring your family.

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