Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Bomber Command – Book Review

When The Last Jedi hit theatres in 2017, Jason Fry released two books that complement the events and character arcs of the film. Both Rose Tico: Resistance Fighter and Bomber Command feature diaries, mechanical drawings, photos and maps. Paige Tico, is the focuse of Bomber Command, a book that offers a load of background information on the character.

Publisher’s Summary:

Complete with stories, secrets, and insights, this guide will immerse readers in the world of Cobalt Squadron from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Includes gatefolds with exclusive artifacts including starship schematics and more!

Bomber Command presents Paige as the older, more mature of the siblings and although there is limited information about Paige coming of age, the majority of the narrative focuses on the ins and outs of the Resistance as a whole.

Some of the standout entries focus on the Political dynamics of the First Order and how the New Republic need to prioritise peace negotiations in order to prevent Leia and the rest of the leadership being represented as militant.

A large sum of the book focuses on the ships and technology that Paige uses in her role as Resistance Gunner, including the schematics for the Cobalt Hammer, seen in The Last Jedi. The sketches/schematics are really well done as it mimics the style of drawing found in an actual diary.

Bomber Command is a really fun way to delve into the life of a lesser-known character such as Paige Tico, and the diary style format of the book is a well thought out way to complement the film.

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