Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man: Revival – Graphic Novel Review

After being bitten by one of Oscorp’s genetically altered spiders, Miles Morales was encouraged by his friend to become the new Spider-Man after Peter Parker was murdered by Norman Osborn. Miles took on the mantle of Spider-Man and it’s been a roller coaster ride ever since.

What Miles brings to the role of Spider-Man is the trouble of juggling family, friends, and school with the need and desire to help people. Despite the world accepting this New Spider-Man, they still worship Peter Parker.  Miles struggles with living up to his legacy, as much in his own mind as in public perception.

During what was potentially a world ending event, Miles revealed to his dad his alter-ego which led to him disappearing and blaming Spider-Man for the death of Miles’ mother. As a result of Miles’ dads disappearance, Miles now lives with his friend Ganke and his family, but Miles still checks in at his home to see whether his father has returned or not.

Miles also has a girlfriend with whom he struggles to keep his secret from. It’s understandable on Miles part as when he revealed his secret identity to his dad, he ran away, so Miles is concerned about where it’ll leave their relationship if he tells her. Ganke offers some advice to Miles, but in the end he seeks guidance from Mary Jane who has been in his position with Peter.

Norman Osborne, who everyone thought was dead after his battle with Spider-Man is alive and has escaped from where he was being held, and Peter Parker is also alive, and searches for Miles to retrieve his web shooters that were given to Miles by Aunt May after Peter’s apparent demise.

It becomes clear that Miles biggest weakness is that he feels he doesn’t deserve to take on the role of Spider-Man, so when he comes face to face with Peter Parker’s Spider-Man and his arch nemesis Green Goblin, there is a lot of drama and conflict.

David Marquez’s artwork is full of intricate detailing , providing every single person in this book with a unique style and look; their face, body type, style, mannerisms are all fantastically drawn and provides a further depth to this story.

Overall, Revival was a strong story set in a larger world. I love exploring Miles as a character as he is relatable and as a reader you understand his struggles. I couldn’t recommend this story enough, everything about the graphic novel is beyond impressive!

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