Star Wars: Thrawn Treason – Book Review

Star Wars: Thrawn – Treason, the third book in this series, is an ideal way to wrap up this current-canon story of Grand Admiral Thrawn. After Thrawn: Alliances connected the prequel and Original trilogies together, Treason delves in to the early days of the Galactic Civil War where the Rebellion is barely present and Orson Krennic’s Death Star project is well underway.

Krennic is establishing a balance between working on his project as well as his ongoing rivalry with Grand Moff Tarkin. Tarkin has tasked Thrawn with removing obstructions from Director Krennic’s supply chain, in which he has been given a week to do so leaving his TIE Defender project in jeopardy

Krennic dispatches his agent, Assistant Director Ronan, to hinder Thrawn’s task . Ronan creates some nice conflict, which sends Thrawn on an investigation that reveals a plot against the Empire and brings him back into contact with members of his own race, the Chiss.

The Chiss are hunting down a species known as the Grysk, a species with aggressive intentions who are working towards an invasion. Thrawn has to balance his work for the Empire with a mission to help the Chiss, which has members of the Empire questioning Thrawn’s loyalty to the Empire

Zahn spends the majority of the novel focusing on Thrawn as he develops and executes his genius strategies to accomplish the tasks at hand, but he isn’t the only character who shines in this novel; Thrawn’s two proteges, Commodore Faro and Eli Vanto are among those who stand out. And there’s plenty of excellent Imperial politics for them all to deal with.

Director Krennic is also brilliant throughout; his dialogue is so perfect that you’ll be able to hear Ben Mendelsohn as you read his scenes. A new character who readers were briefly introduced to during the first book is Grand Admiral Ar’alani of the Chiss Ascendancy. Ar’alani is a compelling character that provides insight into this capabilities of the Chiss.

Treason is a fantastic book from start to finish, and demonstrates once again why Thrawn is a Grand Admiral for the Empire; and despite being the supposed end to the book series, Zahn certainly leaves the door wide open, not just for Thrawn, but for Eli Vanto and Ar’alani as well.

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