Star Wars: Lando – Comic Book Review

Marvel’s Lando Series is set prior to the events of Empire Strikes Back, and sees Lando seducing an Imperial Governor into giving him an item that he uses to pay off some debts he owes to Papa Toren. Upon arrival to pay off his debt with Toren, only a small fraction of the debt is honoured, leaving Lando in a predicament.

In order to clear his debt, Lando and a group of smugglers are sent to an Imperial shipyard to locate and steal a ship; unbeknownst to them all is that the ship is personally owned by the Emperor and contains items relating to the Sith.

The five issue series is packed full with mystery and a few surprises along the way; Sole’s interpretation of Lando is everything fans would expect from the smuggler, he’s smooth talking, arrogant and is full of swagger, but beneath it all, he has a big heart and is quite guarded.

One of my personal favourites from this series was Lobot, Lando’s right hand man. Throughout the five issues Lobot actually speaks and it perceived to be more human like than it may have seemed in Empire Strikes Back. Lobot is the angel sat on Lando’s shoulder being the voice of reason, attempting to prevent Lando from going back to his scoundrel ways, which isn’t the easiest of tasks. Their relationship in some capacity could be seen as similar to the relationship between Han Solo and Chewbacca and it was great to see that reflected in this story.

I love the artwork that Alex Maleev has produced for the comic, Lando looks as cool as you would expect and the action scenes are captured brilliantly. As a whole I really enjoyed this series, the story is strong, the characters are great and the artwork is encapsulating. Personally this has been one of my favourite Star Wars comics, so I would definitely encourage fans to give it a read.

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