Star Wars: Han Solo – Comic Book Review

Han Solo is by far one of the most beloved characters in Star Wars as well as film in general, so it comes to no surprise that the character has had several comic book runs over the years. In 2016, Marvel launched the 5 issues Solo series, focusing on the events that take place after the Death Star is destroyed when Han has returned to his smuggler roots.

After returning to his life of smuggling, Han receives contact from Princess Leia, asking for his help in uncovering a former Rebel spy who deserted the cause, which leads to Han being involved in an intergalactic race. Han, Chewie and the Millennium Falcon find themselves up against some of the galaxies most elite pilots in the Dragon Void, an old, dangerous race held in the galaxy. The race travelled between three planets, stopping for mandatory refuelling points at each; allowing Han to collect rebel informants to aid his mission.

One of the main problems that could arise if the possibility of one of the informants being a double agent, tensions are incredibly high, and once someone is actually killed, these fears and tensions are doubled, leaving all passengers on the Falcon second guessing one another.

The storyline is fantastic and will have readers wanting to know more and more as the plot thickens; seeing Han and Chewie face the possibility of death whilst racing is one thing, but everything with regards to the mission they were sent on by Leia adds another layer to this hooking story.

Marjorie Liu manages to capture everything fans love about Han and his charm and personality is on point. Seeing his communications with Leia, his dealings with strangers as well as his growing love for the Rebellion is symbolic to Han in the movies.

As a whole, Han Solo is a read filled with action and is a definite page turner; the artwork is some of my personal favourites from the Marvel Star Wars runs, with character depictions and designs looking pristine and near enough identical to what is seen on screen, making the transition between formats effective.

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