Star Wars: Mace Windu: Jedi of the Republic – Comic Book Review.

Star Wars comics are great as they offer readers the chance to delve deeper into the lives of some of their favourite characters from the franchise; this is the case for Mace Windu, despite not being the strongest of the comic series’, Jedi of the Republic offers readers an insight into some of Windu’s actions during the Clone Wars.

Mace is portrayed as the reluctant soldier, finding himself constantly questioning whether the Jedi can be generals in galactic conflicts as well as adhering to their principles as peacekeepers.

Set after the events of the Battle of Geonosis, Mace Windu is assigned a covert mission to Hissrich to see what the Separatists are doing on the jungle planet. Windu forms a team of Jedi to help him with the mission; one of whom is a familiar face, Kit Fisto, the Nautolan Jedi Master and two new faces, Prosset Dibbs and Rissa Mano.

Once the group of Jedi get to Hissrich, they find a new plant based energy source before encountering a droid bounty hunter and an army of Separatist battle droids leading to Mace splitting the group up in order to help defeat the droids. Whilst the group is separated Prosset and Kit stumble across the remains of several inhabitants; after seeing the amount of death on the planet, Prosset questions the Jedi’s ability to maintain peace.

After the group are reunited, Prosset confronts Mace and shares his disappointment with the Jedi’s involvement in the Clone Wars. After making several accusations against Mace and the Jedi Council Prosset ignites his lightsaber and attempts to take Windu’s life.

The fiasco regarding Prosset Dibbs is quite possibly the most interesting part of this story, although there is a glimpse of Mace Windu in his younger years as a Jedi Padawan learning to control his anger which was interesting to see, I just wish we could have seen more of it.

Overall the story was interesting, with some strong artwork throughout; It also provided fans with some more Mace Windu and Kit Fisto coverage, but I personally feel like they should have explored other territories with the characters.

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