Solo: A Star Wars Story (Expanded Edition) – Book Review

Writing a review for a book of a film can always be difficult as it’s hard to establish whether you’re actually reviewing the content of the book, or the film itself. The good thing about the expanded editions is that readers get an insight into more than what is shown in the films, whether it’s deleted scenes or extended conversations from the movie.

For me personally, I love reading film novels as once I have seen the film, it becomes extremely easy to visualise everything that takes place during the novel, and Solo is no exception.


What I loved about this book is that it gave characters like Chewbacca and L3-37 a voice that wasn’t always seen in the film. Despite his relationship with Han only being one of several chapters in his life, Mur Lafferty does a great job or defining how important the relationship is for both of them.

A stand out moment from the film and novel, was the moment on Kessel where Chewie chooses Han over leaving the planet with his fellow Wookiees that had just been freed from slavery. This moment truly emphasises that they have a genuine mutual bond and that they both need eachother.


With regards to L3, we get a longer adaptation of the conversation between herself and Qi’ra aboard the Millennium Falcon. L3 helps Qi’ra to understand her own motivations with regards to Han, Crimson Dawn & Dryden Vos among other things and really get’s her thinking about what she actually wants from life, and how she will achieve such things. In addition to this, we also get to see L3 have a voice after being integrated into the Falcon which isn’t seen in the book.

The books clarifies the fact that although L3-37 didn’t have a choice with regards to the initial upload to the Falcon, she did choose to remain a part of it’s core.

Despite seeing more of an insight into the characters of Chewbacca and L3-37, the books stand out moment came right at the end of the book when Enfys Nest and the Cloud Riders meet with Saw Gerrera and a young Jyn Erso to hand over the coaxium needed by the rebellion.


Overall I thought this book was thoroughly enjoyable, it did a great job of capturing scenes from the movie as well as enhancing them further. The additional scenes that were featured in the novel truly fit in with the tone of the book. Like the film, I believe that this book would be a great introduction for anyone looking to get into reading the Star Wars canon novels.

We’re not marauders. We’re allies.―Enfys Nest


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