Star Wars: Most Wanted – Book Review

Set before the events of SOLO: A Star Wars Story, readers are introduced to the infamous lives of the White Worms, the sewer dwelling criminals that owe their lives to Lady Proxima.


Han and Qi’ra are scumrats living in the Corellian sewers, working for Grindalid crime lord Lady Proxima. The pair have been tasked with two separate missions by Lady Proxima which could result in either of them being given the role of Head of the White Worms, Lady Proxima’s gang.

Shortly after their missions begin, things turn bad for the pair as they end up on the run from some of the biggest gangs in Corellia due to them carrying a data cube with some vital information in which the gangs are willing to pay billions for.

The pair acquire the help of a Rodian named Tsuulo and a mysterious character nicknamed ‘The Engineer’  who help them avoid capture from the gangs and turn things in their favour even when the odds aren’t great.


Rae Carson did an excellent job on portraying the characters and work’s extremely hard in showcasing their strengths throughout the story. Despite being only 18 in the book, Han already has his arrogant, self assured attitude that has always been associated with him since the arrival of A New Hope in 1977. Another trait that was shown was impulsiveness, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made throughout this adventure, and a lot of the time Han goes with his gut.

I might be the only person who knows what you really are.―Qi’ra, to Han Solo

On the other hand there is Qi’ra, who is the opposite as she likes the idea of having a plan. Qi’ra will take the time to get a grasp on where things could go wrong and how to either prevent it happening, or to find suitable backup if the problem does eventually arise, rather than just relying on instinct. What’s great about the pair is that despite them being essentially polar opposites, they are drawn to one another and with the addition of Tsuulo’s technical expertise, the trio give readers the belief that they are able to avoid the gangs and even the Empire.

By the end of the novel, Carson set’s both Han and Qi’ra on the path that eventually ends up being where we see them at the beginning of SOLO: A Star Wars Story.


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