Matthew Dale Rogue One Interview – Jedha Priest.

In a recent interview, I spoke to Matthew Dale about his time in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the first film outside of the Skywalker saga.


The Brotherhood of the Beatific Countenance was a Force-based Lorrdian religious group that was active during the reign of the Galactic Empire. Most members of the Brotherhood were clad in heavy vermilionrobes and cowls to represent a physical vow of silence, a counter to their natural physical expressiveness. Some followers carried staff-mounted censers filled with burningQatameric incensethat permeated through their heavy fabrics and masked their natural scent. In-keeping with the faith’s concealment of individuality, some members went so far as to strip themselves of their own names, such as the High Priest, who was referred to by his followers only by a keening wail of a specific pitch. Some members, such as leaders of a congregation, wore Blue Gowns of the Sullen Moon and Lorrdian Cowls of Quiescence.


Members of the Brotherhood of Beatific Countenance often went on religious pilgrimages to worlds of spiritual significance, such as the Mid Rimdesertmoon of Jedha. They favored a hybrid variant of the meiloorun fruit that had purple rinds instead of the traditional orange-yellow ones.

Toshdor Ni was a member of the Brotherhood who went on a group pilgrimage to Jedha in 0 BBY. He and his fellow followers were in the moon’s Holy City shortly before it was destroyed during a test of the Death Star’ssuperlaser.

How does working on Star Wars compare to your work on other projects?
Working on Star Wars is the best ever film I have worked on and being in Dr Who is the best TV show I’ve been on, and I’m a huge fan of both.
How did you get the role of Jedha Priest?
They were looking for tall guys to fit the costume, and at the last minute I popped up, tried the costume on and it fitted. My agent contacted me afterwards and told me I got the part which was very exciting but at the same time, sad as I couldn’t share my excitement with anyone.
What was the costume like to wear? 
HOT HOT HOT, very hot in 7 thick layers but it was worth almost passing out to be in Star Wars. At one point I even had to have eye drops put in my eyes to cool me down as it was so hot and in between every scence the head came off just to keep me cool.
What are you fondest memories of your time in Rogue One?
Every moment of being in Star Wars will live with me forever, it was fantastic and I had an amazing time on set. I’d drop everything to be on another film but then again so would anyone.
My highlights are getting up close with a few of the big names on set and being a part of one of the most popular scenes in the film. It kept people guessing as to whether the Jedha citizens were the good guys or not but in the end we bring peace and harmony to the Jedi force.
If you could play any other characters from the franchise, who would it be?
If I could play anyone it would be Jar Jar Binks or a Stormtrooper, but unfortunately, I’m too tall to be a trooper. I would also love a role where you can see my face or even a talking part.
Who are some of your favourite characters?
Jar Jar Binks, you either love him or you hate him, I also think Yoda, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia are cool.
What are some of your favourite moments from the film?
“I am one with the force and the force is with me” that scence is great and I also liked seeing my part on screen.
Do you attend many comic conventions as a signer?
I have been doing them a while as I have previously been in Dr Who, but it was predominantly UK based conventions. Now that I have featured in Star Wars, I am going to conventions all over the world.
Would you be open to working on further Star Wars films in the future?
I’d love to do more work for Star Wars as I love it so much.

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