Who’s Who in the Star Wars Universe? – Kit Fisto.

Next up on the Who’s Who in the Star Wars Universe segment is Jedi Master Kit Fisto. Fisto quickly became one of my favourite Jedi’s when I first saw him on screen in Attack of the Clones and my love for him continues to grow after seeing his character development in the Clone Wars animated series. The majority of this information has been collected from Wookieepedia.


His skills with a lightsaber are unrivalled and, as a Nautolan his aptitude for surviving in harsh environments will prove invaluable.
―Mace Windu on Kit Fisto

Kit Fisto became a Jedi General of the Clone Army in the Clone Wars and took part in such conflicts as the Mission to Vassek 3 and the Battle of Mon Cala. He was also involved in a mission with his former Padawan Nahdar Vebb to capture the escaped prisoner, Nute Gunray—however, the two ended up facing the notorious Jedi hunter General Grievous inside his lair. While Vebb perished at the hands of the General, Fisto very nearly bested him in combat, and escaped with his life, but without Gunray, ultimately making the mission a failure. At some point during the Clone Wars, Fisto was accepted a member of the Jedi Council.

At some point prior to the Clone Wars, Fisto accepted the young Force-sensitive Mon Calamari Nahdar Vebb as his Padawan apprentice and trained him in the ways of the Force. They went their separate ways after Vebb passed the Trials and earned the title of Jedi Knight.

Oh dear! I’m terribly sorry about all this.
―C-3PO as he shoots at Kit Fisto

By 22 BBY, tensions between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems were growing at an alarming rate. After senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo narrowly survived multiple assassination attempts, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi was sent out to track down and find the person behind it. He eventually discovered it was bounty hunter Jango Fett, and subsequently followed him to the barren world of Geonosis. There, he discovered that the Separatists had been developing their own droid army, and contacted the Jedi Temple about his findings moments before he was discovered, and captured. Mace Windu then made the decision to assemble a Jedi assault team, made up of the 200 available Jedi to crush the droid army the Separatists had been creating, and to rescue Obi-Wan.

Fisto was one of the many Jedi sent out to Geonosis, as part of the Jedi assault team. Upon arriving on Geonosis, Kit Fisto and the Jedi infiltrated the arena and hid until the time was right. After Windu revealed himself to Count Dooku, the leader of the Separatists, they deployed their newfound droid army, and so the Jedi revealed themselves. With thousands of droids in front of them, Fisto and the other Jedi ignited their lightsabers, running toward them and began cutting them down one by one. At one point during the battle, Fisto encountered a malfunctioning droid with the head of C-3PO, Amidala’s protocol droid which took several potshots at him whilst apologizing for doing so. Deflecting the shots, Fisto knocked the mismatched droid over with a quick Force push. When its final shot hit a Super Battle Droid and pinned it down, Fisto smiled in amusement before leaping back into the fray.

In the height of the battle, where it seemed that the Separatists had gotten the upper hand, having killed most of the 200 Jedi sent there in the first place, the remaining Jedi, including Fisto, were encircled by battle droids. Before they could be executed, they were rescued by the Republic’s newly-acquired clone army, led into the arena by Yoda aboard gunships. Fisto survived the arena skirmish, escaping on board a gunship along with fellow Jedi Mace Windu and Ki-Adi-Mundi.

Fisto continued to fight outside the arena, leading a special unit of the newly arrived clone troopers against the remaining droids. The Nautolan Jedi ultimately survived the battle.

Why don’t you come out General; show us some of that Separatist hospitality!
―Kit Fisto to General Grievous

Following Viceroy Nute Gunray’s escape from the Tranquility, Kit Fisto was contacted by the two Jedi escorts that had been accompanying him, Luminara Unduli and Ahsoka Tano, who tasked him with tracking Gunray’s stolen ship down, and bringing him back so that he should face trial after the attempted kidnapping of Senator Padme Amidala on Rodia. Kit Fisto tracked the location of the stolen ship to the Vassek system. Upon arriving, he contacted the two female Jedi to let them know of his progress, to which they let him know that his former Padawan, Nahdar Vebb, had already trailed the stolen ship, and had landed on the surface of Vassek’s third moon. Upon landing on the moon’s surface, Fisto reunited with Vebb, congratulating him on his promotion to the rank of Jedi Knight, and expressed his sorrow that he could have not seen the last of his trials. Fisto, Vebb, and several clone troopers then continued to trace the tracking beacon to the entrance of a large fortress, which appeared to be sealed shut. Vebb suggested cutting open the door, while Clone Commander Fil expressed that they should blow it up. Assessing the situation, Master Fisto simply pressed a specific part of the door, and it opened, allowing them to walk inside.

As the group roamed the dimly lit corridors of the fortress, Kit Fisto noted that he sensed something. Moments later, they heard a screeching noise before finally discovering a hall in which they could see and hear what they thought to be Gunray addressing orders to his battle droids. The two Jedi then simply strolled in, and with ease cut down the droids. Thinking they had caught the Viceroy, Nahdar Vebb used the force, to swerve his chair to face them, to which they saw him as a hologram. Gunray exclaimed that they were fools and welcomed them to their supposed doom. Moments later, a hologram of Count Dooku appeared, who apologized for the deception and offered them an alternative prize, before flickering off, leaving the Jedi stumped. The group then continued walking through the familiar looking corridors in an attempt to find out why they had been lured there. They eventually stumbled upon an armoury, which immediately led Fisto the conclusion that they were in the lair of General Grievous, as it contained several of his spare masks, body armour and lightsabers from his Jedi kills. Kit Fisto was left utterly confused as to why Count Dooku would lure them there as a trap for his own ally. While he discussed the matter with Nahdar, they received a transmission that there was an incoming ship and that it matched that of Grievous’ ship. Master Fisto, Vebb and Fil then debated what they should do. Nahdar Vebb noted that killing Grievous could turn the tide of the war, but Fisto warned him that they should not underestimate the cyborg warrior.

As Grievous entered his lair, the Jedi and the clones quickly sprung to surprise attack him. Kit Fisto welcomed him back into his home and requested he surrender so that the Senate would be more merciful. The cyborg responded that Fisto would be the one begging for mercy, as he ignited his four lightsabers. They briefly duelled, while the clone troopers used the cables attached to their weapons to tug on his legs. Fisto was then able to slice off his legs, leaving him only able to crawl and climb using his upper limbs. The general still managed to kill several clone troopers, before escaping to his control room. Nahdar Vebb angrily claimed that he would have been able to finish him off, had the clones not gotten away, before Fisto suggested they take care of the wounded. Upon examining the dead, Vebb expressed that he could take Grievous, but Kit Fisto once again reminded him that he was not ready to. The group then attempted to leave the castle, but before they could, they were locked in. Grievous then ordered his Magna guards to destroy their shuttle outside. Before they were able to also destroy Fisto’s starfighter, his astromech droid, R6-H5 piloted it away, narrowly escaping.

Grievous then appeared on a hologram and proceeded to taunt the remaining group. Fisto fired back asking Grievous to come out of hiding, to which he replied that while they wait they should experience all his home had to offer. As his hologram flickered off, the floor beneath them disappeared. Fisto and Vebb were able to easily jump back onto the floor still remaining, however, one clone trooper fell to his death. Clone commander Fil dispersed his cable and was pulled back up by the Jedi. A short while after recovering from what had just happened, Grievous deployed his pet roggwart Gor, in an attempt to finally finish them off. After Fil began firing his blaster at the beast, Gor grabbed him, then repeatedly smacking him against the ground using its tail, ultimately leading to the clone commander’s death. Master Fisto was then able to chop Gor’s front limbs off, as Vebb stabbed it in the back. The beast then fell to the ground, as the Nautolan Jedi stabbed it in the neck, finishing it off. Fueled by anger and rage after the death of Fil, Vebb vowed that he would take revenge for what Grievous had done. Kit Fisto then reminded him that it was not the Jedi way and that he must always remember his teachings.


The duo eventually witnessed Grievous leaving his control room and watched him as he entered a sequence to lock the security door. After Grievous had gone, Fisto went to re-enter the sequence, but as he did, they heard his medical droid alert him that they were trying to enter. The door then opened, and Fisto walked in, but Nahdar did not and protested that they should make an attempt to finish off the cyborg warrior instead. The medical droid then shut the door from his control panel, separating them. With no other options, Fisto made his way up to the control room and killed the medical droid. Through the security cameras, he watched helplessly as Grievous mercilessly killed his old Padawan. With the chance of killing Grievous gone, Fisto instructed R6 to meet him at the castle’s landing platform, so that he may finally leave. Just as he was about to board his starfighter, Grievous suddenly appeared, and the two engaged in a lightsaber duel. Clearly the better swordsman, Fisto was able to sever one of the cyborg’s hands and reclaimed Vebb’s lightsaber. He then made use of the Force to push Grievous over but was then met with several of his Magna guards. Fisto briefly fought with them but was outnumbered. Grievous, acknowledging Fisto as a truly worthy opponent, promised him a swift death if he surrendered to which the Nautolan apparently complied. In the nick of time, R6 flew the starfighter directly behind the Jedi Master, who merely delivered his signature little smile before leaping up and onto the ship, flying away.

Upon arriving back on Coruscant, Fisto reported to the Jedi Council on the events that had occurred.

Good morning, Master Fisto.
―Jocasta Nu greeting Fisto as he entered the Holocron Vault.

After a mission on Felucia, in which Padawan Ahsoka Tano repeatedly disobeyed direct orders from both her master Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi; upon returning to the Jedi Temple, as a punishment she was given the task of becoming a guard for Jedi Archives for a short time, under the wing of Jocasta Nu. After arriving and meeting the librarian Jedi, she began lecturing the young Padawan on the Jedi Archives. They eventually reached the Holocron Vault, where they witnessed Kit Fisto, about to enter. Jocasta Nu greeted him to which he smiled and then proceeded to unlock the door through the use of the Force, walking in. Tano then asked if they could go inside, to which Nu told her that they could not and that only members of the High Jedi Council had access, such as Master Fisto.

Coincidentally, it was on this same day that the notorious bounty hunter, Cad Bane, as well as the shapeshifting Cato Parasitti were tasked with stealing a holocron from that very same vault. After breaking into the Jedi Archives, with Parasitti taking the body of Jocastu Nu, while Bane attempted to unlock one of the entrances to the Holocron Vault; he sent his droid, Todo 360 to go to the Communications centre of the Jedi Temple. The droid crawled through the ventilation shaft until he an access hatch, where he accidentally revealed himself to a group of Jedi, consisting of Kit Fisto, Aayla Secura, Mace Windu and Yoda. The Jedi were all stunned until they realized that he had a bomb planted in him. Mace Windu swiftly and without hesitation, force pushed the droid back into the access hatch where he exploded.

You have been through quite an ordeal, little one.
―Kit Fisto to a recovering Ahsoka Tano

Shortly after the Second Battle of Geonosis, Mace Windu’s forces on the planet of Dantooine were in great need of medical supplies after withstanding an enemy attack. Instead of returning to Coruscant, he two padawan learners, Ahsoka Tano and Barriss Offee were sent out to the Ord Cestus medical station, where Kit Fisto was stationed in order to obtain said supplies. After being on Geonosis, the clone unit accompanying them, Tango Company became infected with Geonosian brain worms. Under the influence of the worms, the clones became aggressive to any individual not infected and were able to seize control of the entire ship.

Offee and Tano were then forced to go into hiding, and for a short time sought refuge in the ventilation shaft at the top of the ship. Tano contacted Master Fisto and informed him of their situation. She explained that she did not want to dock with the medical station as long as the brain worms were still on board so that they could not infect anybody else. Fisto sternly replied that she must bring the ship in, so that they may be able to contain and analyse them. Fisto reassured her that they would take precautions. The Togruta still expressed that she had a bad feeling about it, but agreed to follow his instructions. Briefly, after speaking with Master Fisto, Barriss Offee was surprise attacked by the clones and was subsequently infected with the parasites too. Upon learning of the situation, Anakin Skywalker interrogated their prisoner from Geonosis, Poggle the Lesser on how they could kill the worms and be eventually told that the worms were heavily affected by the cold. Ahsoka then ruptured the coolant system on the ship, causing the temperature to plummet. ]


The ship eventually came out of hyperspace in front of the medical station. Kit Fisto immediately sent out tugs to help guide the ship into docking. He ordered the clones to warn the hazard crew that he did not want anybody to board the ship until the worms had been contained. He told them to sound the alarms, and to prepare the sub-zero conduits. After extreme difficulties slowing the ship down, it eventually docked with the medical station. Once the temperature was below freezing point, Kit Fisto led a team to board the ship. He entered the control room to find a freezing Tano, cuddled up to Offee who no longer looked to be infected. Barely conscious, she told Fisto that they were there to pick up the supplies before passing out, to which he replied that she had done well and should rest.

Sometime later, Ahsoka awoke in a medical bay aboard the station. She immediately asked Anakin, who was by her bedside what the worms were, to which Fisto stormed in, claiming that he could answer her question. He explained that they had the parasites analysed and explained to the young padawan that they were the same worms they had encountered on Geonosis. Fisto then remarked that she had been through quite an ordeal, smiling, before leaving to allow Ahsoka and her master to speak in private.

Wing commanders, form up. We’re going in!
―Saesee Tiin signalling Kit Fisto and Adi Gallia

The following year, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka Tano and various clones were dispatched to rescue Jedi Master Even Piell and Captain Wilhuff Tarkin from a Separatist prison known as the Citadel on the planet of Lola Sayu. During their escape, their ship was destroyed in a skirmish, which was the only way they were able to get off of the planet, leaving them trapped on the planet. After contacting the Jedi Council about their situation, a meeting was called. Plo Koon and Adi Gallia were present, while Saesee Tiin and Kit Fisto attended through holograms. Plo Koon assigned Tiin as the leader of the fighter attack, with Gallia and Fisto accompanying him, and debriefed them that it was their job to punch through the defences so that he might lead the gunships to the surface and extract the team.

As the team on the surface drew closer to the rendezvous point, the Republic fleet came out of hyperspace into the Lola Sayu system. Battle soon commenced, but the three Jedi were initially having difficulties taking on the vast droid fighters. Under immense pressure from Master Plo Koon, Tiin called for Kit Fisto and Adi Gallia to form up and managed to break through enemy lines. The trio then led Plo’s gunship to the surface, where they picked up the surviving rescue team, and then accompanied it back into space. They then cleared the way to the Jedi cruiser, destroying many droid fighters before eventually docking. The cruiser then jumped into hyperspace, en route to Coruscant.

After arriving on Coruscant the group met with Yoda and Mace Windu and conversed on the events that had transpired on the Citadel and during the battle.

What you see prince, is the future of all these people on this world, Mon Cala and Quarren, all slaves for Count Dooku.
―Kit Fisto on the Separatist’s invasion of Mon Cala.

Sometime later on into the Clone Wars, the once peaceful underwater planet of Mon Cala was on the brink of civil war between the two species that had formerly lived on the planet together in harmony, the Mon Calamari and the Quarren. After the king of Mon Cala, Yos Kolina was mysteriously murdered, his young and inexperienced son, Lee-Char was left alone to reunite his people. In an attempt to avoid civil war, the Republic dispatched Senator Padme Amidala and a Jedi escort, Anakin Skywalker to resolve the matter. After a debate turned stale, the Quarren—led by the Karkarodon Riff Tamson—refused to support the coronation of Lee-Char as the new Mon Cala king, leading Skywalker, Amidala and the Mon Calamari captain Gial Ackbar to come to the conclusion that a civil war was inevitable. The trio then contacted Mace Windu and Yoda, who thought it best to deploy Master Kit Fisto, as well as padawan Ahsoka Tano with a battalion of clone troopers. Windu then informed Ackbar that he should assemble the Mon Cala troops and prepare for an attack from the Quarren.

As predicted, shortly later the Quarren plunged into an attack on the Mon Calamari, fully backed by the Separatist droid army. Luckily, the Republic reinforcements had arrived in time, with Master Fisto, Ahsoka Tano and their clone battalion diving into the oceanic planet from Republic gunships. Due to being Nautolan, a race from the aquatic planet of Glee Anselm, Fisto was able to swim through the deep sea with ease and shot down many battle droids and hostile Quarren alike. He then met up with Skywalker and Ackbar and used electro-binoculars to watch the enemy return to their ships. He remarked that it had seemed that they had won this round of the battle, to which Ackbar responded that they were lucky to have survived. Fisto then reported that the droids were taking the position in the coral, and it looked that they were massing for another assault.

Ahsoka Tano and Lee-Char who had been separated from the group previously then met up with the main group, but almost immediately afterwards they found themselves surrounded by Hydroid Medusae which were gigantic cyborg jellyfish with electrified tentacles which meant they were immune to the Mon Calamari’s close quarters weapons. Kit Fisto then commanded all troops to their battle stations, to which Ackbar added that they should not fire until Lee-Char gave the command. The group waited in silence until the prince finally gave the orders, to which the clones and the Mon Calamari began concentrating their fire on the robotic menace. As they fought off the jellyfish, Separatist droids came in from behind, and so their forces were left fighting on both sides. Thinking of the safety of the prince, Captain Ackbar decided it was best for them to retreat to the caves, and so the Mon Calamari forces with Skywalker and Tano retreated, while Kit Fisto fought off the remaining cyborgs. Fisto then drove his mini-sub into one of them, causing it to explode to which he grinned with a great sense of achievement. The Nautolan Jedi then followed suit with the rest of the Republic forces that were heading towards the cave.


A short while after regrouping with the other Republic forces, Kit Fisto contacted Mace Windu and Yoda to inform them of the dire circumstances they were in. He explained how they had lost contact with all other remaining clone and Mon Cala forces, of how the Quarren had ambushed them. Yoda then mentioned clone reinforcements, but the transmission began to break up before he was able to say anything else. Despite Fisto’s best efforts to regain communication, it was no use, with the hologram crackling away. With no idea whether reinforcements were to be sent or not, the group decided they should travel to the surface, and attempt to escape the planet that way. Before they were able to get there, however, they were faced with the problem of getting there undetected by the enemy. In order to get past them, Kit Fisto offered to create a diversion to which the rest of the group agreed. He swam upwards towards three Quarren who were taking two clone troopers as prisoners and surprised them from behind. The Nautolan grabbed one from behind, and in the confusion was able to force push another away. He was then able to snatch their mini-sub, and then, through use of the force, pushed it down towards his friends. He then freed the clone troopers, and ignited his lightsaber, ready to fight off any incoming enemies.

As Fisto continued fighting attacking Quarren, he looked up to see debris of the ship they had planned to use for escape sinking to the bottom of the ocean. He swam over to Anakin and humorously commented that he was back so soon, to which Anakin explained that they had run into a few problems. Fisto then remarked that he could quite obviously see that all around them, referring to the submerging debris of the ship. The survivors then split up, with Kit Fisto, Tano, Lee-Char and the remaining clones going together in one group, while Skywalker, Ackbar and Amidala went together in another. Fisto’s group eventually reached a cave, in which they took refuge in. Fisto noted that he did not think they had been followed and so asked his clone commander, Monnk, to post a lookout. In total despair, Lee-Char pondered on what their options would be on what to do. Tano replied that they simply had to stay in the cave, as there was nothing else they could do. Commander Monnk then signalled Fisto; and upon swimming over, the nautolan Jedi witnessed the Separatist’s enslavement of the Mon Calamari people. Fisto warned Lee-Char that this could be the future of his world, should they not be able to do anything.

Later, while Kit Fisto was on the lookout, with Monnk, Tano and Lee-Char conversed on the matter of bringing hope to his people. The Mon Calamari prince doubted this was possible since his subjects believed that he had perished. Lee-Char sneaked away, whilst Tano and Fisto were not looking and blew his shell horn to get the attention of his people so that they could see he was alive. Upon releasing, Fisto and Tano speedily swam over, to warn him that the guards would hear him. Before Tano could finish her warning, a Separatist aqua droid began propelling blaster fire towards the prince. As Kit Fisto fought it off, they looked upwards to see hundreds of Gungan warriors swimming towards them. Knowing that they had been sent by the Jedi Council, Kit Fisto rejoiced and exclaimed that the tide of the battle had changed. Lee-Char then called for the group to attack, and so they joined with the gungans. Together, Kit Fisto, Ahsoka Tano and Lee-Char fought off the droid forces with relative ease, until Riff Tamson deployed the Separatist reinforcements.

Within moments, several trident assault ships entered the battle, which began to spin around, creating whirlpools. Kit Fisto, Ahsoka Tano and Lee-Char were all suddenly sucked into it, and during the confusion, Riff Tamson seized the opportunity to attack the prince. Tano fended the Karkarodon off for a short while before Fisto was able to find them. With great force, Fisto immediately knocked him away, before the two briefly wrestled. Tamson knocked Kit Fisto’s lightsaber away from him, and so the two began to engage in hand to hand combat; throwing heavy punches both ways. Fisto then shouted to Tano and told her to escape with Lee-Char, while he continued to fight off Tamson. As Tano and Lee-Char swam away, they watched as Kit Fisto was completely outnumbered by Riff Tamson and his droids and witnessed their friend’s capture.

Unknown to the Republic forces on Mon Cala, the Jedi High Council had enlisted the help of the Gungan Grand Army, allowing for much-needed reinforcements on the Republic side. However, they were once again ambushed by Tamson, who confronted the young Prince Lee-Char. Fisto engaged in melee combat with the Karkarodon, allowing Tano and the prince to escape. Fisto was ultimately subdued by the Tamson and imprisoned along with Amidala, Skywalker, and Jar Jar Binks. Brought before Tamson himself, the three prisoners were subjected to electric eel torture and shackle droids; Fisto was remarkably blasé about it, merely stating that the eels were very dangerous. After Tamson savagely damaged Amidala’s helmet with his jaws, Fisto and Skywalker saved her by creating a force bubble around her head, thus allowing her to breathe. Skywalker, to his chagrin, kept getting shocked even when he thought he had got the hang of the cages in contrast to Fisto, who advised him that “Less talking helps.” They were then brought to watch Lee-Char’s execution, and Fisto witnessed the young prince being saved at the last moment by Nossor Ri. The Nautolan Jedi participated in the final battle of newly rekindled Mon Calamari and Quarren forces against Tamson and the Separatists. After the Republic victory, he witnessed Prince Lee-Char’s coronation as the new King of Mon Cala.

I’ll dispatch Master Fisto and your Padawan, Tano, along with a company of clones. They’ll be at your side by day’s end.
―Master Windu of the Jedi Council, dispatching Fisto for a mission.

As the war continued to rage on with no clear end in sight, Jedi Master Kit Fisto took a more active role on the Jedi Council. At some point during 20 BBY, after security concerns over Chancellor Palpatine’s life became of paramount importance for his appearance at the annual Festival of Light on Naboo; Fisto along with several other Jedi attended a meeting in the Jedi Temple, discussing how they planned to stop any chance of an assassination happening. Sometime later, Fisto was present during a Jedi Council meeting in which they were contacted by the Onderonian freedom fighter Saw Gerrera and his sister Steela Gerrera. The duo had contacted the Jedi in order to request assistance in fighting against the Separatist rule over the planet. The Council eventually came to the decision to secretly send over Anakin Skywalker and his padawan, Ahsoka Tano to train the resistance group without getting directly involved themselves.

Fisto was present at the Jedi Temple at the same time as the bombing that occurred at the Temple’s hangar. The Nautolan Jedi attended a Jedi High Council meeting in which they assigned Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano to personally investigate the assault as they felt they were the most trustworthy as they were out on a mission when it happened. Fisto remained with the Council and was there to see the two Jedi report on their progress, to which they proclaimed that they had a lead. Kit Fisto attended the funeral for the Jedi that had fallen in the bombing and mourned the loss of them with the other Jedi assembled.

Not long afterwards, Admiral Tarkin contacted the Jedi Council to inform them of Tano’s alleged act of murder. Kit Fisto was present through the use of a hologram and exchanged a shocked look with Shaak Ti in response to Tarkin’s accusations of sedition. After eventually being captured, Tano was brought back to the Jedi Temple to be punished for treason. Kit Fisto was seated on the Council when they were again contacted by Tarkin, who requested, on behalf of the Senate, that they hand Tano over to the Republic military to be given a military tribunal, as he thought a Jedi trial would seem biased. The Council did follow these demands, albeit reluctantly and not unanimously, and Tano was expelled. Along with the rest of the Council, Master Fisto was in attendance of the military trial and watched as it was eventually revealed that Tano was in fact not behind the bombing and that it was her friend and fellow Padawan Barriss Offee. Afterwards, the Council attempted to bring Tano back into the Order, but she refused.

The following year, in 19 BBY, after clone trooper CT-5385, “Tup” executed Jedi Knight Tiplar in the middle of battle, without knowingly doing so, he was taken to Kamino to be tested upon. Kit Fisto was seated on the council at the time that Jedi Master Shaak Ti contacted them, informing them that the Kaminoans wished to terminate him and perform a vigorous molecular autopsy to discover the cause. She expressed that she did not think it was necessary, and believed that Tup had been brainwashed by the Separatists. Instead, she proposed they carry out a level 5 atomic brain scan. The council instructed her to bring the clone back to the Jedi Temple. Sometime later, Chancellor Palpatine contacted the Jedi Council to inform them that the Queen of Bardotta had requested for Senator Jar Jar Binks to come to her planet’s aid after several of the ancient mystics had disappeared. Kit Fisto was present on the council at the time. Thinking it unwise to let Binks go alone, the Council decided that Mace Windu also be sent to accompany him. Later, Master Plo Koon was dispatched to investigate a distress call coming from the ship of the long-dead Jedi Master, Sifo-Dyas. Upon finishing his investigation, he contacted the Jedi Council to which Kit Fisto was seated on at the time. Plo Koon showed the Jedi his discovery of Sifo-Dyas’ lightsaber, which led the council to start a discussion on the Jedi Master who was so shrouded in mystery.

As the Clone Wars drew to a close, the force and the Jedi order itself began to grow more and more clouded by the dark side. Shortly after the Battle of Coruscant, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine revealed to Anakin Skywalker his true identity as a Sith Lord, prompting the young knight to inform Master Mace Windu. Windu, aiming to imprison and sentence the newly revealed Sith Lord for his crimes, travelled to the Chancellor’s office in order to arrest him. He was accompanied by Masters Fisto, Agen Kolar, and Saesee Tiin.

Confronting Palpatine in his office, the four Jedi ignited their lightsabers, while Windu demanded that the Chancellor come with them to be detained. In a surprise attack, Palpatine ignited his own crimson saber, leaping across the room and felling Kolar with one strike. He proceeded to cut down Tiin with impressive speed, catching both Fisto and Windu by surprise. The Nautolan Jedi managed to hold off the Sith for a few seconds before he was killed by a slice to the abdomen, as Master Yoda had foreseen. By the time Skywalker arrived, Kolar, Tiin, and Fisto lay dead on the floor. Windu later became Palpatine’s fourth victim, falling to his death through the window after being hit by Force lightning.


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