Pam Rose Interview – Leesub Sirln

I recently managed to interview actress Pam Rose about her time in Star Wars. Pam played Leesub Sirln,  a female who was present in Chalmun’s Cantina shortly before the Battle of Yavin in ‘A New Hope’.

How does working on Star Wars compare to all your work on other projects and how did you get involved with Star Wars?

I belonged to an agency called Central Casting in London.
They sent us for jobs and auditions ,I had been with them since 1968.i was just happy to be getting work at the time. We were sent to Elstree Studios for the audition and I was picked to play Weird Girl. Working on Star Wars,being as it was the first film we had no idea on the outcome it was a job ,we weren’t given scripts . It was unusual with the creature and costumes on set.

Do you have any interesting stories regarding your Star Wars Experience?

One thing that stands to my mind I have had 3 names. Weird Girl on set.
Leesub Sirin I don’t know when and why that changed. Leesub Sirln when the action figure was released in 2009 a spelling mistake I think, of which I knew nothing about until a fan from France said he had bought one. They are now very hard to find.

How long did it take to do your costumes and make-up during the filming process?


My make up took thuree hours everyday, two to put the head etc on and one to be removed. I was the first into makeup and the last to never saw people when we had finished the day.

Was there much interaction between yourself and the directors, if so, what sort of things would you discuss?


There is always interaction between director and artists,as it was a minor part not much interaction,we were told what to do where to stand etc.

If you could play any other character, who would it be and why?

I never thought about playing another character from the film.

What does Star Wars mean to you?

I have only seen 3 of the 8 films ,not a great film buff or TV I’ve had other things that were more important to do.

Star Wars didn’t enter my realm until 2016 when I retired from Running Casinos in London where I was for over 20 yrs. Being single and needing to buy a property I had to have a regular job. Filming is very unreliable and mortgage people need proof you can pay. I rejoined my agent in 2006 and she had fan mail regarding Star Wars from Fans, that’s how come I started doing events.

What are some of your highlights filming Star Wars?

Highlights on set my interaction with some of my friends and Kenny Baker he was a lovely man. When I was relaxing I was busy knitting. I didn’t know some of the characters and we were not involved in all the scenes . Dave Prowse and Peter Mayhew became friends years later ,meeting at events but not on set.

Do you attend many comic conventions, if so, what does fan interaction mean to you, and do you have any appearances coming up?


I have done a lot of conventions now ,and will do less now that I am 70 ,I live out of London so that makes my journeys that much longer.
I love my fans and always make sure I spend time to chat and have a pic with them.
I have been lucky to go to Canada ,Austria,France ,Denmark Belgium ,Spain and many in the UK . I have booked a few this year so looking forward to catching up with everyone, public and Artists.

How much time did you spend on set, and what was the atmosphere like?


I spent 5 days on set and one day having the head cast made,not my favourite experience.

A big thank you goes to Pam for allowing me to interview her, keep your eyes peeled on her website for upcoming convention appearances as well as other news.

May the force be with you!


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