Who’s Who in the Star Wars Universe – Agen Kolar

Agen Kolar was a member of the Jedi Order in the Galactic Republic. In addition to being a member of the Order, Kolar was a Zabrak Jedi Master, a notable duelist, and also sat on the Jedi High Council.


Agen Kolar participated in the Battle of Geonosis, the conflict that sparked the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Separatist Alliance. As a participant, he was a member of the Jedi assault team assembled by fellow Jedi High Councilmember Mace Windu to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Padmé Amidala from being executed by the Separatists. Yoda’s visionAs the end of the Clone Wars drew closer, Grand Master Yoda had a vision whilst on the planet Dagobah showing the death of Agen Kolar at the hands of Darth Sidious.

Discussions on the Jedi Council
Kolar took part in many important discussions such as when Supreme Chancellor Palpatine reported that General Grievous was hiding on Utapau and suggested that they dispatch Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. The Council instead dispatched Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.

During the final days of the war, Kolar was part of another team assembled by Windu, this time to arrest Palpatine—who, up until that point, had secretly been Darth Sidious, the Dark Lord of the Sith. Of the four Jedi Masters sent to arrest the Dark Lord, Kolar was the first to be killed. The other three Masters also perished, and Sidious transformed the Republic into the Galactic Empire and destroyed the Jedi Order.Stay tuned for more profiles from the ‘Who’s Who’ segment coming out very soon and may the force be with you all!


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