Who’s Who in the Star Wars Universe? – Even Piell

Even Piell was a male Lannik Jedi Master who served on the Jedi Council during the Invasion of Naboo and the Clone Wars. Even Piell was born on Lannik prior to the Clone Wars. He was found as a Force-sensitive and was taken to the Jedi temple where he was trained in the ways of the force. He went on to become a Jedi master as well as having a seat on the Jedi Council.

The Invasion of Naboo (Phantom of the Menace)


Piell was present during the council meeting in which Qui-Gon Jinn had crossed paths with a mysterious Sith (Darth Maul) and also when he brought Anakin Skywalker in as he believes he was the chosen one that was prophesied. Piell and the rest of the Council refused to let him be trained because he was too old and had already formed attachments. After the Battle of Naboo, Jinn died and his last wish was for his padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi to train Anakin. The Jedi Council finally agreed to train Anakin. Piell was present when the Naboo celebrated their victory over the Trade Federation.

The Separatist Crisis


10 years later, Senator Amidala had many assassination attempts and Piell approved Kenobi to investigate and Skywalker to serve as Amidala’s bodyguard when she left Coruscant to hide on Naboo. Shortly after this Council meeting, the Clone Wars began.

The Clone Wars

Kenobi: “Master Piell, are you all right?

Piell: “Obi-Wan, what took you guys so long?

Skywalker: “At least your sense of humour is still intact.

Piell: “It takes more than they got to break me, young Skywalker.“―Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker free Even Piell from his containment field.


Piell became a Jedi General during the Clone Wars and was in charge of his own Battalion. During the war, he was sent on a dangerous mission to the Outer Rim with his captain, Wilhuff Tarkin. The pair had discovered some pivotal information regarding the Nexus Route and decided that the pair would only memorise half of the information each as a precaution for if they ever got caught and one of the two decided to let it slip.

This proved beneficial as his cruiser was later invaded by the Confederacy of Independent Systems who kidnapped Piell and his battalion to try and obtain the Nexus Route information.

Battle of Lola Soyu

Even Piell was taken to the Citadel, one of the most infamous prison cells in the galaxy where he was tortured as a way of trying to extract the information from the Jedi. Piell refused to provide the information and the separatists prepared to remove his right eye, Anakin and Obi-Wan came to the rescue.

The group then went on to the release Tarkin and split into two groups during their escape from the Citadel.


They all went through a tunnel and struggled to escape the Citadel. Skywalker and Kenobi’s halves parted. In Kenobi’s half, they realized that a droid was tracking them. Piell destroyed it, but not fast enough before it told the Separatists all it saw. Then, security doors closed all over the tunnel and Kenobi warned him to move before he got cut in half. Piell, the clones and Kenobi were locked in different sections. But Piell cut the door of this section and got into Kenobi’s with his lightsaber and told Kenobi they already cut one door and that it was time to cut the rest.

Obi-Wan’s group tried to contact Anakin from outside and were surprised when they heard Osi Sobeck respond saying that had been watching their every move which resulted in the group being captured and tortured again whilst a group of droids searched for Anakin and his squad.

Kenobi’s group managed to escape and as soon as they made it outside they were ambushed by droids. Anakin got on a speeder and began to drive off with Piell on the back deflecting gunshots with his lightsaber. The separatists managed to destroy the speeder resulting in the pair being thrown off.

They contacted the Jedi Temple and Mace Windu was relieved to find that Even Piell was alive and Yoda advised that a ship was en route to evacuate the group.



Piell had sensed the separatists approaching and informed the others. As they engaged in battle with the Separatists, an Anooda jumped and attacked Even Piell, Ahsoka managed to push it away, but not quick enough as Piell was severely injured. Piell managed to inform Ahsoka of the information he was hoping to deliver to the council before passing away through the severity of his injuries.


After his death, Tano brought his body to the rest of the Republic and said he died honourably. Skywalker asked about the information and Tano says she has it and said he told her right before he died.

Later, his body was wrapped up and Kenobi told everyone to take a moment to honour him and told us that they have to move on afterwards because he would’ve wanted them to complete the mission. Kenobi and Skywalker used the Force to put Piell’s body into the lava. It fell down a lava- fall and it burned shortly thereafter.


Keep your eyes peeled for more Star Wars articled coming your way very soon and may the force be with you all!


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