Who’s Who in the Star Wars Universe? – Lobot

Lobot appeared in Episode V: The Emporer Strikes Back as Lando Calrissian’s executive assistant in Cloud City (Bespin). Since his arrival on screen, fans have always been intrigued by the character and he has even been described as Lando’s own Chewbacca.


You’re Lobot. You know all the odds! There’s no beating you, my man!―Lando Calrissian

Lobot was a male human from the planet Bespin who was employed to run battlefield calculations for the galactic empire until he met with Lando Calrissian and began to run various different criminal jobs. Lobot has an AJ-6 cyborg construct fitted which eventually took over his mind after an extremely dangerous mission left Lobot extremely wounded. The mission was to steal the emperor’s personal yacht, and during this mission, he was attacked by an Imperial guard.

Eventually, Calrissian became Baron Administrator of Cloud City on Lobot’s homeworld of Bespin, and Lobot served as his aide and chef. As the city’s computer-liaison officer, his implants enabled him to communicate with the city’s central network. During the Empire’s takeover of Cloud City, Lando ordered Lobot to gather their security forces to outflank the stormtroopers. Although they successfully helped evacuate the city by rounding up the stormtroopers, the city soon fell to the Empire and Lobot was captured.

Following the Empire’s defeat at the Battle of Endor, Imperial Governor Adelhard tightened his grip on the Anoat sector, home to Bespin, forming the Iron Blockade. Receiving support from the New Republic, Lobot fought to liberate his homeworld.


Keep your eyes peeled for more Who’s Who in the near future and may the force be with you all!


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