Jeremy Bulloch Interview – Boba Fett Speaks on his Star Wars Journey.

One of the most popular Star Wars characters in the franchise is bounty hunter Boba Fett. He has one of the best costumes, he’s an unaltered clone and he captured the notorious Han Solo. In addition to this, although we see him fall towards what looked like his doom with regards to the Sarlacc, he lived to tell the tale.


How does working on Star Wars compare to all your work on other projects?

In the beginning, it was just another acting job.  I was given around nine days work on ‘Empire Strikes Back’ and was also working in the theatre at night.  It was a new experience as I had never done a science fiction film before wearing such an amazing costume.

How did you get the role of Boba Fett?

My half-brother Robert Watts was an associate producer on Star Wars and suggested I get onto my agent about the new film.  I went along for an audition and fitted the outfit perfectly.

When you were given the role of Boba Fett, what was your initial reaction, and what sort of information were you given about him?


As mentioned before it was just another acting role.  I was not given much information, to begin with, apart from the fact he had to look cool!

Although he only has a few lines, he is very impactful, what do you think made him so iconic?

In a word ‘Talent’,  I think he was a mystery throughout the films and the costume captured peoples’ imagination.

How does it feel knowing that Boba Fett is now one of the most iconic characters from the franchise?

It is quite amazing especially as it was one of the smallest roles I played in my career.

Who did you share the most memories with on set?


It was great working with the director Irving Kershner and I also have fond memories of working with Carrie Fisher in my other role as Lt. Sheckil.

How does it feel seeing so many fans each year dress up as Boba Fett paying homage to the character and yourself?


Some of the costumes are incredible from the 501st and then the variations of the Bounty Hunter from the Mandalorian Mercs.

What was it like wearing the Mandalorian armour?

It was quite difficult to wear – the backpack was beginning to get heavy during the day.  Also, my vision was quite limited, and the visor got steamed up.

What are some of your favourite things about Boba Fett?

That he has remained a mystery and is very cool.

Was there much interaction between yourself and George Lucas, if so, what sort of things would you discuss?

I first met George at the audition and I was already dressed in the suit.  He just nodded and said “Welcome onboard”

He did not direct the two films I was in but was always there on set.

Who are some of your favourite characters from the franchise and why?


Han Solo must be my favourite character because he was very cool as well (and had a good part!)  I also liked Jabba The Hutt as he made me laugh.

What are your views on the newer movies, such as ‘The Force Awakens’ & ‘Rogue One’?


I thoroughly enjoyed The Force Awakens and thought the two young actors were brilliant.  Rogue One was also a good film.

Will you be seeing ‘The Last Jedi’ when it arrives in cinemas?

Yes, of course, I will be seeing it

You attend a lot of comic conventions each year, do you enjoy connecting with the fans, and do you have any upcoming appearances? 

I do enjoy meeting the fans as Star Wars had been a big part of their lives and it seems to go down from generation to generation.  I am off to Chicago next week and have a couple of shows here in the UK  and will be attending a charity event in Utrecht in December.

What weapon of Boba Fett’s was your favourite?

The rocket launcher.

Would you like to see Boba Fett return to the movies, if so who would like to portray the character?

Yes, it would be good for Boba Fett to return to the movies.  There are many good actors who could step into the role.

What does Star Wars mean to you?

Since the re-release of the films in 1997, I have been lucky enough to travel all around the world meeting fans and seeing some incredible countries.  Wherever you go the fans are always thrilled to meet Boba Fett.

Do you have any interesting stories from your time on the films?


Whilst filming one day with Darth Vader I was following him down some steps and due to my limited vision under the helmet I trod on his cape nearly causing him to fall down the stairs.

There have been a lot of rumours about a Boba Fett movie, would you like to see this and also, what about a movie featuring Boba, IG-88, Bossk, 4-LOM, Zuckuus and Dengar? 


A movie about the Bounty Hunters would be a great idea.

What is your favourite Boba Fett scene?


My favourite scene was at the Cantina.

What are some of your favourite moments from the films?

When I first walked onto the set in my costume and saw the reaction from the crew – they were pretty impressed.


Thank you to Jeremy who allowed me the time to interview him. This was one I was extremely excited about and it feels amazing to know that I have interviewed the greatest bounty hunter of all time.

Stay tuned for more updates on LiamBaileyJournalism and may the force be with you all!


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