Meet the Habitants of Ahch-To.

As the Force Awakens drew to a close, Rey, Chewbacca and R2-D2 travelled towards the island of Ahch-To. The final moments of the film see Rey and Luke coming face to face as Rey offers forward Luke’s lightsaber, and although the island seems very deserted, Luke isn’t the only occupant on the island.


In recent promo for the Last Jedi, the world has been introduced to two sets of aliens that reside in Ahch-To, the Porgs and the Caretakers.

The Porgs are a bird-like creatures that live on the island alongside Luke, they are very keen on Luke, but apparently when introduced to Rey, they find it very hard to trust her. The inspiration for the Porgs came from Puffins that Director Rian Johnson witnessed whilst on a trip to Ireland when filming scenes for Episode VIII.

Moving on, there is the Caretakers, they are described as Nun-like figures who are tasked with maintaining the Jedi temples on the island.

At present, that is all the information that has been released about the new aliens, but, as the film gets closer to it’s release date, there is sure to be a lot more revealed about them both.

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