Star Wars Updates : This Week In Star Wars!

So, this week in Star Wars news has been a big one, with news regarding Rebels, Canon, Episode VIII and the Han Solo Standalone.

The first piece of news is potentially the biggest. Episode VIII has its title.


There have already been loads of speculation on who the last Jedi is, but, what we must remember is that Jedi is plural, so it could potentially be more than one person, so all will be revealed on December 15th when The Last Jedi is released in cinemas.


Moving on, there has been official confirmation on Woody Harrelson’s character in the Han Solo standalone film. The actor recently confirmed that he will be playing Garris Shrike in the film.

For those unaware of who the character is, Garris Shrike was Han Solos’ mentor. He was the man who raised Han when he was an orphan child and the man who taught him how to fly primarily. Garris was formerly a bounty hunter until he decided to turn to crime, collecting a group of orphans of which he used in confidence tricks and theft aboard the decommissioned troopship “Trader’s Luck” which orbited Corellia.

After several years Solo decided to flee the “Trader’s Luck” after himself and Garris had a confrontation in which shrike’s brother was injured and Dewlannamapia, the Wookie who served as Hans’ mother figure was killed.

The relationship between the pair went from bad to worse as Han started building a reputation for himself as a smuggler and accumulated a large bounty next to his name, Garris set out to hunt Solo down.

There have been no details released as of yet regarding the storyline of the film, but one thing for sure is that there will most likely be a betrayal.

Moving on to Star Wars Rebels, there is some major news as they have brought Knights of the Old Republic back into Canon, this was clearly seen when Kanan starts discussing the Mandalorian Wars that took place during the Old Galactic Republic.


Those of you who are unaware of the Mandalorian Wars here is some background information provided by Wookiepedia:

“The Mandalorian Wars was the term given to the sixteen years of conflict between the Mandalorian warrior culture and the Galactic Republic that began in 3976 BBY with the Battle of Althir. Occurring two decades after the end of the Great Sith War, the Mandalorian Wars spanned almost two decades themselves, though historians often disagreed on the endpoints of the conflict; the Mandalorians raided star systems in the Outer Rim Territories for over a decade before they actually came into conflict with the Republic Military in 3965 BBY. Led by Mandalore the Ultimate, who pioneered the Neo-Crusader movement with the help of his lieutenant, Cassus Fett, the Mandalorians conquered systems along the eastern edge of the galaxy. Though their conquests included the near-extinction of the Cathar species, it was not until their assaults on worlds near the planet Taris that they drew the Republic’s attention. After a year of small conflicts known as the False War, the Mandalorians broke through the Republic’s lines and besieged Taris in 3963 BBY, and then invaded the Republic through three separate corridors in what became known as the Onslaught.”

With the introduction of the Mandalorian War, there have also been other developments regarding the Old Republic.

On the 25th January, it was revealed in a deleted scene from the 2012 shows “Clone Wars” that Darth Revan was set to appear making the character Canon.


Revan was an extremely powerful Jedi Master and Dark Lord of the Sith who lived four thousand years before the Battle of Yavin. He is credited as being among the most important characters in the Star Wars expanded universe for his military accomplishments and battlefield achievements across the Mandalorian Wars, Jedi Civil War, the Great Galactic War, and beyond.

Seeing as Rebels will be covering the Mandalorian wars, and Darth Revan was a figure within the wars, was the video leaked on purpose to suggest that the character will be appearing on the tv show? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for more Star Wars updates in the near future. May the force be with you.

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