Star Wars: Rogue One casts 3 new characters!

With Star Wars Celebration 2016 over and San Diego Comic Con currently taking place, there hasn’t been a shortage of news regarding Star Wars: Rogue One.  One of the main reveals is the addition of 3 new interesting characters, characters who could prove to be very important in the near future.


The first of the 3 is rebel platoon leader Pao aka Big Mouth, his main responsibility is coordinating the charge in battle against the empire. Director Gareth Edwards had this to say about the character:

“There was this great design of this creature that’s mouth would open really wide, and he looked like he was really good at giving orders and shouting at people during a battle. I was like, we’ve got to give him that moment in the film and so [Pao] was born out of that.”


Moving on from Pau, we have Bistan, the infamous “Space monkey” as he’s been nicknamed. Bistan is a U-Ship gunner, for those unsure on what a U-Ship is, it’s a rebel ship combining a gunship and troop transport.

Bistan is a member of a new species known as the Iakaru, In addition to this he seems to be one of Gareth Edwards favourite characters, he states:

“It’s not necessarily a character that we get to know, but I think he has a very memorable, iconic look. He’s one of my favourites. I can’t give away what happens to him.”


The third addition to the cast is Edrio Two Tubes, a mercenary pilot who flies alongside his ally Benthic.

A description at San Diego Comic Con has states that:

“The two share the nickname derived from the breathing apparatus that allows their Tognath physiology to process oxygen atmospheres. Edrio’s home world Yar Togna was conquered and occupied by the empire, forcing him to flee as a refugee. Desiring to strike back at the empire, Edrio and Benthic have allied with Saw Gerrera.”

For those unaware, Saw Gerrera is also a character from Star Wars: Rogue One played by Academy award winning actor Forest Whitaker.

Although these characters may potentially not receive much screen time, it is exciting to see some new species’ in the film dominated by humans. Apart from the three mentioned above, we have only previously heard about the droid K-2SO so these additions are great, and with them being new species’ there is also the potential for the exploration of new planets, which would be happily welcomed.

Stay tuned for more Star Wars updates in the near future and be sure to check out Star Wars: Rogue One in cinemas on December 16. May the force be with you.


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